Wedding & Reception Ambiance

lighted palmsWe offer a wide variety of audio/visual options for your wedding- both functional and decorative. Whether you are planning a large gala event, or an intimate get together on a modest budget, we have quality equipment and a creative touch that will  help make your wedding an event to remember If you are planning a wedding ceremony on Maui, its important to remember that indoors or out, it will almost always require some audiovisual equipment.

Sound Systems

Whether your planning for a DJ, live performers or just want your guests to be able to hear your vows, a quality sound system is a must.  We can provide an audio system to meet your needs and budget- from small public address systems to sound systems suitable for groups from 10-2000+.

Creative Lighting

japanese-lanternsBesides functional lighting, creative lighting can help set the mood, display your wedding colors or accent certain decorations to give your ceremony and reception a unique and creative feel. Consider lighting your wedding cake - or even better - have your cake video mapped and project the image of your choice onto it, perfectly matching it's contours! Planning on an ice sculpture? How about subtle color changing lights to make it come alive? And don't forget disco lighting for the dance floor!

Video Decor

origami lanternsWe offer special video decor options that will make your wedding unique. Rather than static lights on your tent, we can project blooming flowers in a light breeze or gentle blue water ripples? The options are endless. Tell us your creative ideas and we can work together make them come alive! We also offer projector and screen combo packages. We think your wedding is as special and unique as you do, so we want to plan it just for you. Each venue has specific lighting requirements, which we will have considered for you ahead of time. All of our lighting, sound, and projection items can be mixed and matched a-la-carte style. Call us directly or have your wedding coordinator contact us to discuss your options.


Wedding String Lighting Package

wedding-string-lightsBeautiful and elegant strings of various bulbs, artfully suspended over your wedding or event, fully controllable by dimmer switch for when you need to change the mood. Start with: Clear Glass Bistro bulbs Add-Ons:
  • Vintage Mason Jar Lanterns
  • 14’ nylon China Ball Lanterns
  • Vintage Edison Bulbs
Twinkle Lights for Tree or Tent Post Wraps

UpLighting Package

uplightingThis is a basic yet complete lighting package. We can set to color(s) of choice or the lights can be DMX-ed (linked to our control console) so they can be expertly controlled through- out the night to fit your mood or change to the music! High powered colored up lights DMX Package:
  • DMX Cables
  • Light Board
  • Technician
  Outdoor Lighting Package: Light up the great outdoors with these high-powered water- proof lights – great for trees High-powered Waterproof LED up lights DMX also available   Low-powered, multi-colored LED Lighting Package: These smaller cube lights are excellent mood lighting for smaller areas to create ambience (They look great on the la- nai or in bushes and flora, front entrances, doorways, to light up a bar and food ares etc.)   Additional Lighting:
  • Make sure you have all your key areas beautifully lighted.
  • Consider utility and safety.
  • Area Lighting for Bar, Food Area, Sign-in table, Entrances, Walkways, Stairs etc.
  • Stage lights for guest speaker and/or performers
  • Dance Floor Lighting
  • Fogger or Hazer
  • Lasers
  • Sound Activated LED special effects
  • Custom Gobos available

Simple Sound for Music and Speeches

simple sound for music and speechesThis package is a complete sound system for….
  • 2 Full Range Speakers with Tripod stands
  • Audio Mixer
  • Wireless Hand Held Microphone
  • All necessary cables
  • mp3 player connection cable
  • Technician to set and strike equipment
(You supply the mp3 player or we can provide one preloaded with music for additional cost) Add Ons:
  • Stage lights for speakers and or performers
  • Dance Floor Lighting of all kinds
  • Fogger or Hazer
  • Lasers
  • Sound Activated LED special effects
Simple Wedding Vow Audio Package: The essential audio set up for pronouncing nuptials
  • 2 Mackie Speakers
  • Audio Mixer
  • 2 Wireless Mics for the vows
  • Audio Technician
  • All Cables

Full Service DJ Package

full-service-dj-packageThis is a full service Audio experience. Our DJ/MC will be in communication with the bride/client from beginning to completion to curate perfect sets using client portal software. She will help collaborate on the show flow, make announcements, play selected songs at key times, make introductions etc. She will then DJ the reception with the kind of finesse that only some- one with 15 years experience can do! This includes two audio locations – the wedding area and reception. Our crew will pre set up both or discreetly move the equipment between wedding segments. 1st Audio Set up for the Vows:
  • 2 Mackie Speakers
  • Audio Mixer
  • 2 Wireless Mics for the vows
  • All Cables
2nd Audio Set up
  • 2 Mackie Speakers
  • 1 Sub Speaker
  • Mixer
  • Computer and DJ Equipment
  • 1 Microphone
DJ Valerie is our preferred DJ for weddings and special events. DJ Toben is our preferred DJ for parties and corporate events.