Interactive Multimedia

Interactive Multi-Touch Kiosks

arc-kioskWhether you have retail products, an informational concept, an educational program or interactive art installation you want to share- consider an Event Horizon multi-touch screen kiosk. Our kiosks are custom built, programmed and designed for public use. All equipment, cables, switched, cooling devices, etc. are hidden within the specially designed enclosure. We will work with you to make your kiosk programmed to suit your needs. They are easy to use, fun to navigate and have a flashy unique look, borrowing from your company's aesthetic. They are maintained periodically and can be updated with new information to keep you ahead of the market.

Multi-Media Software Solutions

ARC-homeOur software solutions are deployable to all sizes ranging from handheld tablets to interactive wall displays! Consider a custom table inset or a wall projection feature! If you can dream it, we can build it! Also, ask about our advertising options to offset costs.