Vintage Light bulbs on Maui!

Vintage Light bulbs are all the rage right now and they look especially great outdoors. They create a classic nostalgic feeling and the non-LED bulbs have the warm radiance that makes you and your guests glow! Event Horizon has designed some custom trellises that not only hide all the extra cabling necessary for using these bulbs, but these structures can also be customized by swagging fabric from them. The 10 inch wide trays overhead are also a great place to put cascading flower arrangements. And it's up to you!. You might desire hundreds of bulbs dangling down in a random array or a few simple, well-placed fixtures. We have 6 different styles of Edison Bulbs and when we set them up we add dimmers so that you can brighten the bulbs for dining and then turn them down low for romance or an atmosphere change. We also can create custom solutions using the bulbs in rustic chandeliers, hanging them from trees or whatever you can dream up!Bulbs In any location, whether indoors or out, these Antique lightbulb trellises look fantastic. One of our favorite venues for this is the Olowalu Plantation House, shown here: Olowalu Plantation House. Trellis Filament close Good